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We have been delighted with the response to the setting up of a U3A in Greystones. If, after having read all about us, you wish to join us and become a member please follow the instructions at the bottom of this page

Contacting us:

You can contact us by clicking here to send an email.

Greystones U3A

'Greystones U3A' is a ‘University of the Third Age’ (or U3A) group based in the Greystones area, Co. Wicklow.

The mission of U3A is to promote and practice lifelong learning and active, creative ageing for the older members of our community. In particular we think it's important to meet new people, have some fun and share skills, experience and interests with others, after retirement.

The Group was set up, and its activities are planned, by a fairly informal Committee. You'll meet us at the talks and you can also contact us through the website. We would love to get suggestions and ideas from you, the members, to make Greystones U3A as useful and as beneficial to everyone as we can. If you have any interests to share, or activities you'd like to set up or join, let us know and we'll make the information available to everyone through the News link (above) and at the meetings.

What is the ‘University of the Third Age or U3A?The University of the Third Age – more familiarly known as U3A - is a movement founded in France in 1973, in response to a rapidly growing demand among retired people and other seniors for opportunities to keep active, to keep stimulated, to keep learning, and to keep in touch with others and the world around them. There are now thousands of branches in different parts of the world with hundreds of thousands of active seniors enthusiastically participating in U3A activities. In Ireland, where the movement is relatively recent, Age Action Ireland has encouraged and supported the creation of over 20 U3A groups across the country, with many new groups like ours setting up all the time.

Research shows us that "ageing is not a random phenomenon: the individual is an agent of his/her own ageing process, and the capacity for ageing well - healthy and active - comes, in a certain extent, from decisions taken by individuals themselves as well as his or her behaviour." Our U3A branch will contribute to our healthy ageing through crucial factors such as mental stimulation, social interaction, feeling a sense of purpose, being connected and maintaining a positive outlook on life. This is at the heart of the U3A mission, ethos and activities and what it aims to help members achieve in a fun and friendly way. After all, various factors have contributed to people now living considerably longer than previous generations, often long beyond their retirement and the raising of their families. So let's enjoy it!

We meet every other Thursday morning in the Glenview Hotel in The Glen of the Downs from September until the end of May. The talks themselves cover a broad range of topics, start at 10.30am and generally last about 45 minutes, with time to ask questions afterwards. Many of us then stay on for a chat over coffee.

A full list of all talks can be found on the 'events' tab.

We've also set up sub-groups for specific interests such as cinema, concerts and plays, restaurants, walking, etc.. These are run by the members for the members and full details are on this website under the 'subgroups' tab.


If you wish to apply for membership of Greystones U3A please follow the directions below. Please note that it is no longer our policy to have a waiting list.

Go to the HOME page and click the "document " tab. Under General Documents find Document ID 11 which is the Membership Application Form. Click READ and the form will be downloaded. Please print this form out and once completed and signed return to the Membership Secretary whose address is on the bottom of page 1.

Membership Secretary Dr Jill Mellon

37 Burnaby Park


A63 XA39